Winter Flooring Trends for 2016!

Winter is slowing coming upon us, the nights are colder and darker and the days or shorter and brighter, there’s nothing better than coming back to a nice, warm home, sticking the fire on and delving your toes into your nice, plush carpet. So many Winter flooring trends are occurring ad it’s best you read up on them now so get a head start!

Go Dark

This Winter, dark woods much like Oak and Maple are slowly making a comeback. Stone is also making an appearance and is becoming very popular among many contemporary homes.

Bespoke Design

Many people tend to get innovative with their interior decorating but they are now starting to get creative with their flooring as well. By placing their own mark on their new floor, they are opting for many different shapes, sizes and formations.


Having flooring strips are a bold statement in any room you decide to put them in. More and more people are looking to divide their floors with large tiles as the flooring strips are emphasized and make the room look bigger than it actually is.


This tends to be for smaller spaces as a lighter flooring option can make the room feel more spacious. This particular light flooring can act as a foundation for any interior style and design and ensures that you can a very clean and bright looking environment.

The possibilities are endless and you can get away with so many different tones and palettes. Make sure that the type of flooring you want will match the interior design of the room as you don’t want anything looking out of place.

There are many different trends to follow so make sure you stay up to date with the current ‘what’s hot?’ You won’t be disappointed!