Trends for 2017

Trends to look out for in 2017!

With the New Year already in motion, it’s time to look forward to the upcoming design trends for 2017! Trends are always on the move, which is why there are so many, below you can find out which ones you like the best.


Look out for an abundance of austere interiors, including bathrooms, apartments and offices. Often polished off with a cool tone marble, uniformed woodwork or block coloured walls. Make sure to check out more minimalist interiors online, where some accents only feature dark red tap facilities and black framed sinks.


Not the shingles you’re thinking about, but instead giant wooden tiles and a multitude of materials and scales demonstrating their versatility from the cladding. There is often a subtle shimmer from the aluminium panels while the blocks tend to blend with their surroundings.

Carbon Fibre

Experts have listed carbon fibre as one of the leading tools in architectural design of the future. They claim that this material combined with “robotic construction techniques” has paved its way towards another industrial revolution.

Laminated Timber

New innovations have begun to turn engineered and laminated timber into one of this year’s hottest design trends. It has already been stated that it has beaten steel and concrete on a basis of sustainability, durability, and the speed of its construction.

Handmade Bricks

Using a more traditional material to create more variations in colour and texture has also become pretty popular. Starting to appear within the UK and the Netherlands, these handmade bricks are really pushing the boundaries.

Ocean Plastic

A bit of an odd one but nature’s finest indeed. This is created by harvesting and eventually melting down waste from seas all over the world to create something beautiful that can be used in every kind of home.