Tips for Planning your Extension

Providing extra space and adding value to your home, an extension is a popular home renovation project. But that doesn’t mean you should jump straight into building your extension. Planning the details can help you save money and be practically prepared. Here at David Haworth Design, we are extension experts. This is our guide to planning your extension.


Any building work can easily run up additional costs. An extension is no different. As a result, you should take a close look at your finances before contacting any companies for quotes. Once you have your budget worked out, make sure that you leave room for additional costs that may occur.


Disrupting your routine, home extension projects can be messy. Be prepared to make arrangements for pets and children to be kept safe. Some people opt for the work to be carried out during a holiday season, so they can be home at the time. Others may get time off work for the same reason.


One of the biggest problems people come across is arguments with their neighbours. Save this hostility and include them in your planning process. Your neighbours will voice their opinions regarding your extension as part of the planning application process. If they disagree with your extension, this can cost you time and money. Consequently, we recommend talking to your neighbours first, and negotiating any issues they may have.


Building an extension that complements your home will require the help of an architect. During the design process, a professional can help your dreams come to fruition. As planning permission will be necessary, an architect can also make sure that your extension will meet strict building regulations.

In summary

A home extension is often the perfect way to invest in your property. Following our planning steps will help you save time and money in the long run. From establishing a budget that considers hidden costs, to talking to neighbours, planning your extension is incredibly important. Here at David Haworth Design, we can help you with all of your extension plans. Why not contact us today, to find out more?