New trends regarding architecture are asking for more efficient and greener materials. It has been stated that buildings now consume a third of the worlds energy supply and responsible for over 20th of the worlds pollution – if no action is taken, this can double or even triple by 2050.

One thing we can take into consideration is greener buildings. This basically means that architectures have to use efficient resources and environmentally responsible products and materials when they’re building new properties or buildings.

There are different ways to building a sustainable home, two of these ways include:

  • Net Zero Energy – this means that this property has no external energy demand and the total amount that does get used is from its very own renewable energy sources. You can get this by installing renewable energy systems that are suited and tailored to your needs.
  • Passive House: this provides a high level of comfort for anyone who owns and occupies the house while using very little energy to heat and cool down the house. The heat loss within the house is reduced so much that the house hardly needs heating at all. This architectural type of property has an excellent thermal performance and this is achieved by reducing the air infiltration and avoid all thermal bridges.

These are both very effective solutions for any architectures wanting to build more sustainable building and properties and always something to take into consideration. Both solutions provide excellent wall insulation, ventilated cavities to generate energy savings, and increasing thermal comfort. These also include up to date aesthetics so it won’t clash against any style or design you currently have.

If you’re looking to become more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint, then these are some good ideas to get the ball rolling.