Put a spring in your step with home improvements

Have you got a bout of the new year blues? Then maybe it’s time to put a spring in your step with some home improvements. At this time of year, with everyone indoors all the time, it can be easy to feel you’re all on top of each other, so why not consider how you can make the space in your home work better for you?

A loft conversion and a conservatory are both great ways to maximise the existing space in your home, and while the thought of building work can be daunting and expensive, it often actually makes far more sense financially to improve your current home rather than move to a new one. When you consider how much money will be spent on estate agents, legal fees, searches, surveys, stamp duty and so on, remodelling your home starts to look like the sensible option – all the money you invest is going directly into the house, so should you decide to sell at a later point, you won’t have lost out and you will have had the pleasure of living in a home you love!

Obviously, all extension and alteration work is subject to planning permission and local authority guidelines, and to submit a proposal you will need a set of quality architectural drawings to support your plan, which David Haworth can provide for you.

Another benefit of extending is that you already know the house, you know the way you use the space and what you need more of: living space, a playroom, an extra bedroom, or a home theatre room. David Haworth can work with you to find the perfect solution, and you get the fun of picking new furniture and deciding on colour schemes – without the hassle of moving house!