Preparing for your home extension

A home extension is one of the best ways to add value and space to your home. In fact, it can be a great way to turn your home into your dream home. But when it comes to your extension, it can be easy to neglect the importance of preparation. Here at David Haworth Design, we are home extension professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to preparing for your home extension.

Budget Carefully

Additional costs are easy to accrue when it comes to building work. This is because problems and issues can occur during the time of building, that cannot be preempted. As a result, as the homeowner you should budget carefully fro your home extension. Start by getting a quote from a reliable company, and then make sure you leave room in your budget for any unforeseen problems.

Preparing for Disruptions

Home extension projects can cause a lot of disruption in the home. If you have pets and young children, you will need to help the process by preparing them for the disruption.

If possible it would be helpful if you could move pets into a different part of the home to keep them safe and settled throughout the building process.

In addition some families opt for the work to be carried out during their annual leave from work. This meas that they can be at home and available at all times.


When it comes to your new home extension, the neighbours can cause problems. You can prevent this by including them in the planning process. If your neighbours disagree with your extension, this can cost time and money to resolve. As a result, you should talk through their concerns first, and try and negotiate any potential problems.

Planning the Design

One of the key steps for preparing for your home extension is to plan the design. For this, you should look for the support of an architect. This can lead to a more professional finish, and an extension that complements your home. A professional involved in the planning of your extension can really help your dream project become a reality.

In summary

Preparing for your home extension includes planning the design, negotiating with neighbours, preparing for disruptions, and budgeting carefully. At David Haworth Design, we are extension experts. Why not contact us for more information or support with your home extension?