Popular home extension options for 2021

Here at David Haworth Design, we plan and design custom home and business extensions, including double story extensions, and shop front developments. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the most popular home extension options for 2021.

What are the most popular home extension options for 2021?

There are a variety of ways to extend your home, but what are the most popular options for 2021? Well, we have seen a number of home extension types rise in popularity, while others remain as popular as ever. These include:

  • Side return home extensions- extending your home outward into any side return space on a semi-detached or detached property is becoming increasingly popular. This can be a single or double story extension and adds usable space to your home. This space can be used as individual rooms, or more commonly this is used effectively for creating open plan living spaces.
  • Above garage extensions- for homes with an adjoining garage, extending into the space above the garage can add an additional bedroom to the home, or a usable room for an additional bathroom or home office space. This can be very beneficial for family homes.
  • Double story extensions- double story home extensions are becoming increasingly popular for maximizing the space potential of your property. These add space both upstairs and downstairs to ensure the maximum return on your investment.
  • Loft conversions- loft conversions have long been popular and with so many different types of loft conversion option, it is easy to see why. A loft conversion can have a myriad of uses, transforming what would be wasted space into a usable room, or multiple rooms, for your property.
  • Kitchen extensions- a kitchen extension is usually a ground floor extension created with the purpose of creating an open plan kitchen area with seating.

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