Important considerations for your new extension

Here at David Haworth Design, we are leading architectural experts. And we help home owners, property developers and commercial building owners create effective and well designed extensions. But what do you need to consider before beginning your new home extension?

What are the important considerations for your new extension?

There are several important factors to consider before you choose an extension. These include:

  • your budget
  • time
  • your neighbours
  • planning permission

Your budget

Your budget for the project is of utmost importance. Before contacting builders, make sure you have taken a close look at your finances and identified how much you can afford to spend on the extension. When approaching companies for quotes, make sure you build in a buffer fund to account for any extra expenditures that may not be included in the price they give you.


Home extension projects can take a lot of time, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. While it is being constructed, there will probably be disruptions to your daily routine, so you may want work to be done during a holiday season.

Your neighbours

It’s important to consider your neighbours when you’re planning your extension, as they will be able to voice their opinions of your extension during the planning application process. Talking to them now and planning your extension around them (for example, ensuring it blends in with the rest of the street’s architecture) could save you time and money further down the line.

Design and planning permission

When designing your extension, bear in mind the overall look of your home and try to make sure the extension complements it – an architect can help you with this. You will also need to gain planning permission, so talking to an architectural technician is again recommended to ensure your proposed extension meets building regulations.

At David Haworth Architectural Design, we can help with your extension plans from the initial stages. We can draw up detailed plans that builders need in order to give you a comprehensive quote. Get in touch today to find out more.