Planning a home extension for your living room

When it comes to planning a home extension, we are experts here at David Haworth Design. We can provide a range of architectural drawings that will pinpoint your key design choices, and detail your home extension plans and ideas. To keep your home extension on track, and prevent any potentially costly or time consuming mistakes. As home extension experts, we have produced this guide to planning a home extension for your living room.

Planning a home extension for your living room

Turning your home extension into a living space requires some serious thought and consideration during the planning stage. You should consider:

  • electrical sockets
  • natural light
  • layout and design

Electrical sockets

Did you know that more than two thirds of UK homes do not have enough socket space to plug in all their electrical devices, without relying on extension cables. And that most homes use at least 3 extension cables. This can result in extra pressure on the socket, and the socket can overheat. As a result, there is a risk of electrical fires, and electric shocks. To avoid this, make sure that one of the key details you consider in relation to your new home extension, is the installation of multiple sockets.

Natural light

Natural light can help to boost your mood, your productivity, and can also help you sleep better. So why not flood your new living room with natural light. You could consider skylights, or aluminium roof lanterns to bring in the light from above. Or you could opt for a bi-fold glass window, that also opens right out as a door. Either way, by using structural glass you can fill your living room with light. This can also mean that you need to rely on the artificial lights a lot less. Saving you money on bills.

Make sure you choose thermally efficient glass, that is strengthened or toughened, to be sure of the best results from your glass.

Layout and design

Finally, you should consider the interior layout and design of your home extension. You want your new living room to flow and fit in with the rest of your home. So make sure you put the time into planning your interior design and getting the right result.

For more information, or professional support, get in touch with us today, here at David Haworth Design.