As the saying goes: ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ and most people will make the effort to be of good cheer. It’s also a time for friends and family. This might mean that a child or two heads home from university, seemingly bigger than you remember, and perhaps even with a new boy or girlfriend in tow. Then, you might have invited an aunt and uncle from a distance away to come and stay for a day or two. Perhaps an elderly parent might be decamping to your place to enjoy slightly more egg nog than is wise. You might simply be holding a family lunch for quite a number, or a New Year’s Eve party for a few neighbours.

However you’re celebrating, have the very best of festive seasons. As another Scottish saying puts it: ‘Aw the best tae you and yours’. One question though – as all these happy times take place, does a single thought perhaps creep into your mind at some stage? It’s this: ‘You know, our house suddenly seems a little small and cramped’. Of course, it might be fine for you in normal circumstances, but when people crowd in or come to stay…

If such thoughts lodge in your mind, it might be time to look for a few solutions. You want to stay in your home, it’s where you feel most comfortable. However, what might you add to make it spacious enough to make the most of those times with family and friends? Might an extension to add a separate dining room, or to expand the kitchen into a sit-down and eat location be the answer? You might convert the garage into an extra en-suite bedroom for guests. Alternatively, you might use your loft space to provide the same accommodation.

Whatever your ideas, a great new year’s resolution would be to call David Haworth Architectural design on 07976 20 66 33. We can talk through ideas with you, suggest possible solutions and alternatives. Then as next Christmas approaches, imagine if you know you have all that extra space to allow all your guests to breathe out at the same moment!