Home extension options

Here at David Haworth Design, we are Lancashire’s leading architectural design company. From designing shop fronts, to your new home extension, we work across a variety of industries to provide the best possible architectural design. This can help secure a more reliable builders quote, as well as help your building project run smoothly, and on time. So, if you are looking to extend your home, what are your home extension options?

A loft conversion

One of the more popular home extension options is to build upwards, into the loft space. This can add a bedroom, bathroom, study, or living space to your home, without eating into your outdoor space. And in today’s property market, adding another bedroom to your home can significantly increase the value, and the usability. In fact, many homeowners choose this option, as their family grows, instead of moving out.

Adding an orangery

With one wall of solid glass, an orangery home extension is a great way to flood your bottom floor with light. Perfect for either an additional living space, dining space, or kitchen, an orangery is a fantastic way to enjoy the views and your garden, bringing the outside in. Again, this can increase the value of your home, and if built from a architects plans, the result will be even better.

Converting the space above the garage

Another way to extend your home is by building a first floor extension, above your connected garage. This is a great option for lower budgets, as the existing groundwork and support already exists in the garage itself. So this home extension tends to be cheaper than other options. And usually this space is turned into an additional bedroom, which can really help your home be more practical for your needs.

For more information about architectural drawings for any of these home extension options, get in touch with the professionals today, here at David Haworth Design.