What Happens After Signing The Contract?

What Happens After Signing The Contract?

Once you have decided which quote you would like to proceed with and which tradesmen you are going with to start your loft conversion then you sign your contract, but what happens next? There is a rough guideline of events that happen when every loft conversion begins construction.
Design and Planning

Alongside a team of architects, a discussion between you and the planners begin while they whip together your dream conversion. They look into every aspect of the work from the structural calculations to how it’s going to look upon completion. Once the plans are drawn up and everyone is happy then we proceed.
Party Wall Agreement

If you have a home which is attached onto another then its widely encouraged that you inform that neighbour of the work that will be taking place at least two months in advance. Discuss all aspects of the job including how long it will take and the hours the workers will be in the household.

Construction begins! This step usually takes between 6-8 months depending on the size of the job in hand psychically. Your project manager will make sure you are informed that everything is running smoothly. You can start getting excited as you see the loft take shape as ideas whizz through your mind on what you can do once construction has finished.
Over to You

When it’s completed then it’s down to you, your inner designer can run free. You can start to collect together ideas that you’ve always dreamed of and start freeing your imagination. There are a number of rooms beyond a bedroom that your conversion can become. From nurseries to music studios, excitement will thrill you as you’ve added extra space and extra price to your property!