Design choices for any double storey home extension

A double storey home extension could the perfect addition to your home this New Year. Increasing the amount of space on both floors of your properties can even allow you to create two separate rooms, or one larger, more comfortable area. But even if you know what you want to use the space for, there is still one important consideration. This involves the external design. So what are the design choices for any double storey home extension? And how important are these choices? Well, here at David Haworth Design, we are leading residential and commercial property architects. And this is our guide to everything you should know to create the perfect double storey aesthetic.

Important design choices for any double storey home extension

So what do these important design choices cover? Well, to make sure your new extension is perfect, from the outside, you will need to consider:

  • the door and window options
  • the external rendering or brickwork

Door and window options for double storey home extensions

Adding a two floor extension to your home can be a great opportunity to create a dramatic, statement piece of architectural design. This could include large glass panels, or a bi-fold door instead of a solid wall, to increase the level of natural light inside the property. However, it might be more important for your extension to fit in stylistically with the rest of the property, especially for period properties. In this instance, you will be looking for window and door options to mirror your existing choices.

External rendering and brickwork for double storey home extensions

External rendering is often the finishing touch for any home extension project. From colourful cladding, to pebble-dash, adding external render can mask the new brickwork, and help your extension look just like the rest of the property. However, for other properties, you could use the home extension to add character or charm with decorative brickwork,

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