Creating an Energy efficient extension

The need for energy efficiency is becoming more apparent to homeowners and landlords. From bags for life to energy saving showers, we are all becoming a bit more environmentally conscious. Well unless your Donald Trump of course. But did you consider your new home extension? This can also be incredibly energy efficient, if it is designed with energy saving in mind. Here at David Haworth Design, designing your dream extension is what we excel at. As a result, we have produced this guide to creating an energy efficient extension.

Extension direction

One of the first things to consider is the direction the new extension. For example, if your new extension will be south facing, it is likely to be warmed by the sun, which means it wont get as cold as a north facing extension, but it could become too hot in the summer.
Before you even design your new extension, you should consider the direction it will face. If your home is already quite cool, a south facing extension could be the warm addition you need. Every extension is different, so whatever you need, plan for it.

Energy efficient glass

Perhaps you want a wall of glass adding to your new home extension to flood your home with natural light. This is also a great way to make a real statement with your home extension. However, it can be an energy nightmare, as glass tends to allow heat to escape from your home.
However, there are some energy efficient toughened glass options available, including Low E. This glass can prevent heat from escaping through the glass, and means that glass roofs, glass walls and glass windows in general, don’t have to be such a drain on your heating bills.

Roof and cavity wall insulation

Of course one of the most important energy efficiency factors is the insulation. This can be applied to cavity walls and the roof. You should include the insulation as part of your planning, as in some cases it can reduce the height of your roof by around 10-20cm. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but it might effect the dimensions of the extension you plan for.

In summary

Creating an energy efficient extension is quiet easy, especially if you tackle the energy saving options during the planning and design stage. Here at David Haworth Design, we are extension planning experts. Why not contact us today?