Winter is slowing coming upon us, the nights are colder and darker and the days or shorter and brighter, there’s nothing better than coming back to a nice, warm home, sticking the fire on and delving your toes into your nice, plush carpet. So many Winter flooring trends are occurring […]

Time is a tricky concept, you could’ve sworn when you looked at the clock you had more time. But alas, you don’t, so here’s 5 essential time management tips for any architect! Be Proactive Start by making choices about what to do and what not to do. This is easier […]

Trends tend to come and go but certain trends in the architecture industry create moods and personalities and determine how one uses their space and it may influence their lifestyle on a daily basis. The trends listed below all have the potential to persist and push their way through the […]

Bob Sheil – the Head of one of the world’s most prestigious architecture schools has called for an overhaul of education regarding architecture within the UK. This is following the most recent statistics about the high rate of mental health regarding students. He also stated that, as well as it […]

Over the next five years’ architecture will evolve and become bigger than it already is. There are predictions that while they might not be as flashy, they’ll be far more useful to the general public on a daily basis. Here are five ways below in which architecture will change!  […]

What Happens After Signing The Contract? Once you have decided which quote you would like to proceed with and which tradesmen you are going with to start your loft conversion then you sign your contract, but what happens next? There is a rough guideline of events that happen when every […]

There a number of obvious reasons of why adding space can push up the value of the homes. From a kitchen extensions to a new conservatory, the demand on the market is phenomenal so why not add more space to your home? If you’re looking on adding an extension to […]

Have you got a bout of the new year blues? Then maybe it’s time to put a spring in your step with some home improvements. At this time of year, with everyone indoors all the time, it can be easy to feel you’re all on top of each other, so […]

As we enter 2016, everyone is thinking about the changes they would like to make to their lives and how they can make that happen. In particular, we all refocus on the work we do and how we do it. Perhaps you wish you could spend more time at home […]

As the saying goes: ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ and most people will make the effort to be of good cheer. It’s also a time for friends and family. This might mean that a child or two heads home from university, seemingly bigger than you remember, and perhaps even […]