When designing any home extension, architectural drawings can be a big advantage. And this includes loft conversions. A loft conversion can add more usable space to your property, and is often used to create an additional bedroom. This can be very beneficial, as instead of struggling to find and afford […]

Planning a home extension is an exciting part of home improvement. But one of the key things you need to decide on, is what will you use your extension for? An extra bedroom, an office, or maybe a living room? With so many options, designing your extension can become tricky. […]

Energy efficiency is all about reducing the amount of energy wasted, so that less energy will be used in total, and your bills will be reduced. This is a win for both the environment, and for homeowners, who are often paying high prices for lost or wasted heat. So, when […]

Here at David Haworth Design, we create stunning architectural drawings for residential and commercial properties across the North West. With these drawings, you can be sure that your extension, remodel or renovation work will run smoothly and efficiently. So what type of drawings do we cover? And what are the […]

With 2018 almost over, many homeowners are already looking to the future, to consider home renovation options for the future. A home extension is often top of the list, and it can bring a huge range of benefits. Here at David Haworth Design, we are leading architectural design experts. As […]

Whether you want an orangery, a loft conversion, or a larger living space, any type of home extension should make full use of an architect. However, homeowners are often left with unscrupulous building companies, that offer to provide everything. And this can end in disaster. Here at David Haworth Design, […]

If you’re looking for a home extension option, that won’t take up space in your garden, and you have a connecting garage, why not consider extending over the garage space? This can be a very effective, and attractive home extension option. And it can provide more space with the option […]

When it comes to planning a home extension, we are experts here at David Haworth Design. We can provide a range of architectural drawings that will pinpoint your key design choices, and detail your home extension plans and ideas. To keep your home extension on track, and prevent any potentially […]

Designing and planning a home extension is a taxing and demanding job. But by careful preparation, and time spent on planning and detail, you can make sure your home extension will be a success. Especially if you hire a professional architect to produce architectural drawings for your home extension. Here […]

When it comes to home extensions, extending the kitchen space is a popular request. And adding a home extension to add space and light to your kitchen area can create real value for your home. But it can also be incredibly stylish and practical, creating a room that is unique […]