Architecture and Design Trends for 2017!

Trends tend to come and go but certain trends in the architecture industry create moods and personalities and determine how one uses their space and it may influence their lifestyle on a daily basis.
The trends listed below all have the potential to persist and push their way through the decades, from sustainable living, functional materials and what prints are popular right now.

Flexible Rooms

This ties in with the open concept design and homes are now including more spaces that are less defined and with simpler purposes. This makes it easier for architects to change the room with minimal effort and without a complete remodel and makeover.
Bring the outdoors, in!
Rooms are now starting to blend in with the outside and an even bigger distinction between solid lines and walls is becoming blurry. Homeowners now want their exterior to be just as important as their living area.

Bigger Windows

Large, sliding glass windows and doors are becoming more popular as more people want to be able to become closer with natural elements. Floor to ceiling windows are big right now due to advancements in their energy performance and are quickly becoming cheaper and a lot more accessible.

Personal Interior

Interiors now are becoming more focused on the homeowners personal experiences and interests. Having a combination of styles and, colour pallets and pieces will be the way forward for many homes next year. People will be seeing a lot more patterns and shapes, wool rugs and pigmented tiles.

Sustainable Living

Energy conservation and sustainability are not the niche anymore as clusters of clients want their homes to be more energy efficient. Such things as cork flooring and little to none VOC paints highlight a combination of style yet practicality, clean living and eco-friendly!