Architectural design for above garage extensions

An above garage home extension is a popular choice for many homeowners and property developers who have a detached or semi detached property, with an attached, single storey garage. Building into this space can create an additional, usable room upstairs in the property, and this can become another bedroom, home office, or even a bathroom, increasing the value of your property. But to make sure you get the best possible results, you should consider architectural design, and hiring a professional team for architectural drawings. But what are the advantages of architectural design for above garage extensions? Well, here at David Haworth Design, we plan and design custom home and business extensions, including double story extensions, and shop front developments. And this is our guide to everything you should know about architectural drawings and above garage extensions.

What are the advantages of architectural design for above garage extensions?

If you are thinking of extending the space above your garage to create a whole new room, architectural drawings can bring a range of advantages. These include:

  • Maximizing the available space- architectural drawings will plan and design the layout of your new room, so that during construction the whole space can be fully maximized. This includes adding storage space too.
  • External design features- architectural drawings aren’t just for the inside of the building though. They are also developed for the external part of the garage extension, including features and details such as sizing, rendering and even the style of windows to be installed. So you can be sure that your above garage extension will be visually appealing, and complement the style of the rest of the property.
  • High quality results- architectural drawings can help to keep any building project on track in terms of money and time, including your above garage home extension. This is because all of the workmen and construction teams involved will be using the same plans and information, keeping everyone on the same page of development, securing high quality results.

For more information or advice about planning your home extension, get in touch with the professionals today, here at David Haworth Design.