Advantages of an orangery home extension

Here at David Haworth Design, we plan and design custom home extensions, including sun-rooms and orangeries. Placing a large emphasis on style and design, our expertise in this field is self evident. But if you are thinking about building a home extension, why would you choose an orangery? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of an orangery home extension.

Blend of traditional and contemporary

An orangery is truly a hybrid option, and that is what makes it so versatile and accessible for every home. Blending the features of a traditional conservatory, with a contemporary home extension, the orangery can be the perfect option for many homeowners. This is because it uses a wall of glass to fill the room with natural light, and look exceptional, while using a roof style that will fit with your home. This means that your extension becomes a unique space, filled with light, but unlike the traditional conservatory, it is easy to heat in winter, and cool in summer.

Styled for your home

As mentioned above, the orangery can suite a range of roofing options so that the roof can blend with your existing roof. But this isnt all. In fact, even the external walls can be used to blend into the style and theme of your existing home. So if you have a stone or period property, an orangery can be created to blend right in.


Furthermore, an orangery can be as large or as small as you like. This contrasts with the traditional conservatory, as that was limited to the glass options available. This means that if you need a large home extension, but still want to allow the natural light to be a big part of it, an orangery can be the perfect option.

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