Advantages of an L shaped home extension

Here at David Haworth Design, we plan and design custom home and business extensions, including double story extensions, and shop front developments. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the advantages of an L shaped home extension.

What are the advantages of an L shaped home extension?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to installing an L-shaped home extension. These advantages include:

  • More floor space
  • Option for multiple rooms
  • More value

An L shaped home extension offers more floor space

Compared to a regular home extension an L-shaped home extension offers an additional rectangular or square shaped area that can be very beneficial. The l-shape can add more room to your home extension and help to make this more practical.

An L shaped home extension can be used for multiple rooms

Because of the L-shaped design of this home extension, you can actually use it to create two separate rooms, or a large open plan area with two well defined zonal areas. This can be a fantastic option for creating an open plan kitchen and living space, as you can keep the kitchen and food prep to one area and the relaxing and seating area to another. Alternatively you can use the additional space to create a smaller, private room such as a downstairs cloakroom, or a home office.

An L-shaped home extension can increase the property value

Because an L-shaped home extension offers additional space and can be used to divide the area into separate self-contained areas, you can make this work to increase your property value compared to other extension types. To really give your home extension the edge, you should consider working with a professional architect and design expert, for the perfect external and internal results.

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