Advantages of hiring an architect for your home renovations

Whether you are building a brand new home, or you want to remodel your existing layout and add an extension, hiring an architect is a must. Here at David Haworth Design, we provide the complete design package for all kinds of commercial and residential projects. This includes architectural drawings. But what are the advantages of hiring an architect for your home renovations? And are architectural drawings necessary?

Trained professional

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an architect for your home renovations, is that you know you are hiring a trained professional. Someone who can work at the highest level, providing a top quality service. And as our homes are our biggest investment, it pays to hire a professional.

Architects are capable of designing the space that you will want to live in, thinking about both the practical and the design aspects at the same time. In fact, tying in your lifestyle, your needs and your requirements, into the three dimensional space, between the four wall of your home, is our area of expertise. This means that we can deliver a more interesting use of space, that combines with the natural aspects around, to deliver results that really stand out. While juggling the demands of the time scale, budget and building requirements.

Avoiding design errors

If you hire an architect, you can avoid a whole host of design errors. Whether it’s errors in the plan book, or paperwork, it could cost you time and money. It could even stall your planning permission. As trained experts, architects are much less likely to make these kinds of mistakes, so your building project can stay on track.

Creative thinking and design

Architects can help solve problems with creative thinking skills, and design buildings with a creative flair. So instead of applying for the same old conservatory, why not make real plans for your space with an architect? The results can be truly astounding, and you may find that it is cheaper than you expect.

With careful planning and great design, here at David Haworth Design, we can help transform your space. Get in touch today.